Transformation – a plan of attack


Click this image to try to catch up with Jason Wellborn – The image was easier to find than the attribution

I have to admit, with yesterday’s release of Apple’s new Swift programming language, it is tempting to try to remake this whole thing as a swift program in XCode. I think for now I’ll stick with C++, but I just downloaded the Swift programming guide from the iBook store…


Project: Transform the clown car simulation into a game of Pokemon.


  1. Make a Draw pile (deck) with all the Pokemon that will be included in the game
  • Use vectors for decks
  • Pokemon each have a name, an ID number, hit points, and three attacks
  1. Make two separate piles (decks) for the player and the computer (opponent)
  2. allow player to select Pokemon from the Draw Pile (select Pokemon by ID number) – select 2
  3. computer selects Pokemon from Draw Pile (randomized, by position in vector) – select 2
  4. Import the player’s and computer’s decks to a battle function
  5. Battle Function
  • Player and Computer select first Pokemon to fight
  • battle function or some other subset function will need to distinguish the two decks as attacker and defender
  • take turns selecting attacks (attack success should have inverse probability  of hit chance and damage done – set base to 50%, then use modifiers to adjust for each attack)
  • be sure to manage hp properly – use clown car model
  • if a Pokemon is reduced to <= 0 hp, it is defeated and that player’s other Pokemon is advanced to fighting position.
  • If second Pokemon is defeated, declare other team winner