Baby steps- catching dreams


We should be working

I’ve been trying to get more sleep lately. This means that a significant portion of my ‘coding time’ has now been exchanged for ‘sleeping time.’ That, in turn, means much less progress with my latest coding project, the Pokemon Card Game.

The major goal of this project is to familiarize myself with vectors and how to manipulate them easily, moving items from one vector to another, deleting them, changing aspects of single vector objects, etc. So fa, this has been somewhat achieved. I have definitely become more familiar with the idea of the vector (it’s an array with more reasonable manipulations). The problem is, I still run into problems with these manipulations (unable to delete items from a vector, etc).


I’m not sure this thing will work

Secondary goals involve:

1. Presenting a more civilized (although still ASCII) interface. I would love to leave ASCII and the terminal behind, but that has been a very elusive goal that I have no idea how to tackle.

2. Building in more realistic randomness into the play while also shepherding this randomness into better gameplay (attacks are randomized, but contain modifiers to make them more challenging)

3. Trying to keep my code simple and organized


Let’s be honest, #3 has been right out the window.

#2 is coming, and I think it should be more straight-forward than my other issues, but it’s still not implemented.

#1 is the only thing I worked on at all last night. Although I have good ideas about how I could make this much better, I’m not letting ‘the perfect’ get in the way of ‘the good’ just yet. Right now, this is about what the interface looks like:


Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.31.49 AM