Bio: Hi, my name is Jack. I'm a biology instructor for a small college in the southern metro area of Kansas City where I've been teaching for about three years now. When I started it was a struggle to get back to basics and remember all the general material that I'd forgotten long ago, but in time I've come to really love being in front of a class and helping people get to know a subject that I love. I'm also the founder of DHS, a fledgling startup business creating educational software for iOS devices as well as other educational content. My goal is to make the software that I wish I had to use in my class to reinforce ideas about genetics and heredity. My background is science - I've been working in laboratories since I was an undergraduate at the University of Delaware. My primary interest has been immunology and how the immune system and its components can be of use in fighting cancer and infectious diseases. I received my PhD in 2010 and have since been working as an educator bringing life science awareness to the largest audience possible.

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