adding a few more layers



With the clown car program working fairly well, I want to add a layer of complexity…

Well, I’d rather not add complexity at all, but I do want my code to do something. Since my son has recently discovered Pokemon (and taught me how to play), I thought I would set up this clown car as something of a cage match for the clowns.  Here’s the basic plan:

Vector practice – clown car CAGE MATCH!

add some element to the clown object that can be changed

  • how about hit points(hp)?
  • make them fight, damage is subtracted from hp

(can I make the whole fight a separate document to #include?)

Fight will proceed in turns

Basic Turn Outline

o   scroll through clowns remaining in the car (i.e. each clown gets a chance to attack each turn – unless they’re killed)

o   randomize attack (each has 50% chance of hit) – have ~3 attacks available per clown

o   randomize target among clowns remaining in the car (clown cannot attack itself)

o   report attacker, attack, target and damage (and if Kill) as a cout

  • throw slain targets from the car

o   end of round: update each clown’s hp

  • update and output damage each round – pause before advancing to next round (also number the rounds)

 Table of Clowns with hot points, attacks and respective damage:

Name Hp Attacks Damage
Pennywise 100 Bite/Claw/defenestration 30/20/auto kill
Jw Gacy 75 Creep out/Molest / defenestration 30/50/auto kill
Bozo 50 Honk/squirting flower defenestration 5/10/auto kill
Krusty 75 Laugh/step on foot defenestration 5/20/auto kill
Ronald McD 50 Smile/clog arteries defenestration 10/50/auto kill





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