Video Games and Learning-Assignment01

For our first assignment, we have been asked to play a video game for 30 minutes, then reflect on the gameplay for a quick 60 second video. 

Let me say right now that I am NOT keen on making and posting this video, butfor the sake of doing my part and really experiencing what this class has to offer, I’ve done it. 

Before recording the video, I wrote out a short transcript (that I based my video on, not read). I thought this was the best way to organize my thoughts into a packet that I could conceivably deliver in 60 seconds (it goes by fast). Here’s that summary / transcript:

I decided to play the Towers of Hanoi because they were referenced in the lecture as being an example of a well-defined problem. The version I played is called Tap Towers by Madcap studios for iOS, which allows players to choose between one and eight disks to move from the first position to the third position. The rules are that you may only move one piece at a time and each piece can only sit atop a larger piece. The end occurs when all the disks have been transferred to the third position (traditionally a peg).

The app adds an element of timing to the game and records best times for each number of disks. It also lets you know how many moves you took to complete the puzzle and compares this to a ‘par’ value, which is actually the number of moves needed for a perfect solution.

The game is fun and teaches the player how to master the movements and understand how they work logically. The constraints of the game (board size and number of pieces) demands that the player learn a very specific manner of movement in order to win. I found it interesting that, at first, I could intuit the movement better than I could actually reason it out. Even after playing a while, I am much more successful if I do not try to actively reason my way through, but rather ‘feel’ my way. Kind of like the ‘Force’.

My video can be found at: 


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